Tales from the Table-Top Oven

Untold tales from the Kitchen and Beyond…

Billy Bombers Diner

Have you stepped inside a diner that makes you travel back in the 1940s? This diner does!

With the music playing, you would want to do the twist!

Burgers were definitely in the menu so as MILKSHAKE and ROOT BEER FLOAT! For a burger fanatic just like us, we went crazy over choosing which burger to get. The plain burger called as the Naked Gun costs about $11.90. Of course, My Hans and I got the pre-designed burger.

(All-Star Burger, $17.90, as the name suggests everything is ALL star sized)

(Original B-52 $15.90, This burger is just the plain jane)

(Mmmmm MILKSHAKE $6.90, choose from the classic, deluxe, and malted flavors for that added kick of energy)

(Rootbeer Float $6.90, Your good ol’ root beer with ice cream)

Other things in the menu were buffalo wings, fried chicken, grills and steaks, fish and chips, desserts and lots of them!

Now, let’s do the twist!

x Cheers!


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Find Happiness Within…

We’d always loved Ben and Jerry’s for our ice cream cravings. Ice cream is such a comfort and be-happy food for us.

Last Friday night, we have tried Marble Slab Creamery at 112 Mall at East Coast Road. With their tag, Find Happiness Within, we have truly found so much happiness. There was a lot of flavors to choose from.

(Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, etc… etc…)

Hans and I were a little overwhelmed by them. Aside from the classic flavors, you can also mix and match flavors and toppings that would make your ice cream your own happiness. We were giddy like little children upon seeing how they have freshly concocted what we have ordered.

(Marshmallows, gummy bears, m&m’s, kitkat, and many more)

(Smores and Caramel Nut Latte coming right up!)

(Smores – Chocolate Swiss Ice cream with marshmallows, graham crackers, caramel sauce)

(Caramel Nut Latter – Coffee Ice Cream, Walnuts and Almonds, and caramel sauce)

Find your happiness – it could be with simple pleasures just like these or something extraordinary. It will always be a choice! 🙂

x Cheers!











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New York Desserts and Cheesecake (NYDC)

Moving to Singapore makes me miss my favorite restaurant ever, Cibo! Ugh, thinking about Cibo makes me drool on those yummy Italian food that they serve!

In Singapore, I have finally found the perfect comfort food that would satisfy my Cibo cravings! And that is, New York Desserts and Cheesecake! They’ve got the best pastas that I have tasted in Singapore – soups, salads, sandwiches, cheesecakes, and beverages too!

(Look, how interesting their menu is!)

(Fish and Chips, $15.90)

(NY Steak, $18)

Now, I’m hungry! =)

x Cheers!

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We’re off to Riau Indonesia

Xian Nian Kua Le! Gong xi gong xi!
Today is the first day of the Year of the Dragon! My Hans and I wish you prosperity all year!

Where are we? At Riau Islands, Indonesia!

Be back soon!
Enjoy your holidays!

x Cheers!


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Crinkles, Crinkles, Chocolate Crinkles!

Chocolate tales Part 2: Hershey’s Unsweetened Cocoa

My Hans was able to win some grocery vouchers from their last night’s Chinese New Year dinner. So, what better way to spend it? For baking ingredients! From a conversation over coffee with friends last night and as requested by one of my good friends, Kathy, i have decided to bake chocolate crinkles today.

It’s the first time I’m going to make crinkles. I didn’t have any idea on how to make them. So i have to google a decent recipe for it. Fortunately, it turned out really good. Chocolate-y, moist on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. While I was baking it, the batter was really sticky so I was a bit worried why. Then, I popped them in the freezer to make it more workable and less sticky. It was a good decision!

I am very happy on how it came out! Hurray! Baking crinkles – CHECK!

(Freshly-baked from the oven)

(Cooled and ready to be eaten)

Check out the recipe that I have used here!

x Cheers!


The Soup Spoon

Soup, who would have thought that a side addition to a meal would be the star! Well, The Soup Spoon thought so.

In this shop, the soup is the main attraction, the rest would be the supporting cast that would make the experience astounding.

The Soup Spoon @ Changi City Point

They have a variety of soups from their menu – Velvety Mushroom, Pumpkin Soup, Clam Chowder, Beef Goulash, Tomato and Basil, Minestrone, and Chef’s Specials Weekly. Other than that, I’m amaze by what they believe in; they just believe in one thing – Fresh Ingredients!

Plants were used as decors in the restaurant.

I mean with all the fast paced lifestyle that we have – sometimes you just really have to have an experience worth sitting down for and worth enjoying. Their soups really tasted fresh, I mean it did not taste like it-just-came-from-the-tin-can taste. 🙂 We have ordered Clam Chowder and Roasted Pumpkin Soup with almonds, but silly me, we were already half way done in eating before realizing that “hey, i have to take a photo!” So there, it was just the side of the bowl that was salvaged. 🙂

Soups may come in SOUPer Value Meals

(Choice of Soup + Half Salad, Wrap or Sandwich + Iced Tea/Chips/Muffin)

If you’d like to bring home their soups’ goodness, you can purchase a take-away bag with all your favorite soups. My Hans and I purchased Velvety Mushroom Soup for $8.

This take-away bag is equivalent to a large serving of Mushroom Soup.

We’re off to our next eating adventure – off to try The Hand Burger at Somerset.

x Cheers!

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Tuesday’s @ Ikea

It’s a Tuesday! What’s a better way to celebrate Tuesdays? Go to Ikea!:)

Normally, a 15-piece meatball would cost around $12+ but on Tuesdays- it’s just $7!! Meatballs with potatoes, gravy, and jam! I never imagined jam and meatballs would go well with each other but they do. In fact, I’ve eaten the grape jam and sausage together @Mcdonalds! Surprisingly, it really tastes good! Well for my weird tastes, that is!

My Hans and I always look forward to Tuesday’s in Ikea!:)



x cheers!

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Conquer 2012!

Three days ago, Every body celebrated the new year. Yeah, if you just woke up, yes, it’s already 2012. And No, there are still no flying cars or time-traveling yet.

Three days ago, everybody was so busy making their lists of resolutions. I would say why wait for a year to change something or to do something differently when you can do it every day. I mean, every day is a new day, a new day to do something differently or to do something better.

Three days ago, we have celebrated the new year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We have been to different places –  we live in Singapore, we have been to Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, and now, Malaysia. We are conquering the world one country at a time. We hope to see Paris, France this year, or the rest of Europe.

The new year doesn’t mean the new year taking it by its definition.

It’s just the next chapter -it’s either you continue writing or change the story.

Happy New Year!

x Cheers!

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Anything with Mozzarella!

I would eat anything with cheese! I love cheese!

I know it goes straight to your butt and hips, but, it’s really that good to just let it pass. From sticks, to pasta, sandwiches, and rice, I will eat it!

My Hans wanted some baked seafood rice for tonight’s dinner. We were supposed to have it the other night, but we had something else. I first had a taste of it at our Aunt’s (now, Ninang) when they invited us over for dinner. It was very easy to make. She did not even use a table top oven. She just used a microwave oven. It was Hans’ favorite dinner since then.

We served it on a bowl. I guess the bowl added some charm to it.

Of course, Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, LOTS of them!

I’m not a fan of measurements, so here it goes…

Baked Seafood Rice



lemon juice


crab claw

red capsicums, cubed


any pasta sauce

chili flakes

salt and pepper

shredded mozzarella

1. Saute the garlic, prawns, and crab claw meat. Add some lemon juice.

2. Add red capsicums.

3. Mix in the pasta sauce and some of the cheese.

4. Let it simmer then add in the rice.

5. Coat the rice with the sauce. Then, transfer to a  square pan.

6. Top it off with Lots of cheese.

7. Bake it for about 10 minutes at 200C or until the cheese melts!

Bon Appetit! 🙂

Oh, By the way, i love the part when the cheese fights back as you bite it or as you try to scoop it out of the pan. YUMMY!

x Cheers!



I have recently listened to this song, as I’ve been really a hermit when it comes to music. I have been a listener of Up Dharma Down and i find it really soothing.



Sa hindi inaaasahang
Pagtatagpo ng mga mundo
May minsan lang na nagdugtong,
Damang dama na ang ugong nito
‘Di pa ba sapat ang sakit at lahat
Na hinding hindi ko ipararanas sayo
Ibinubunyag ka ng iyong mata
Sumisigaw ng pag-sinta

Ba’t di pa patulan
Ang pagsuyong nagkulang
Tayong umaasang
Hilaga’t kanluran
Ikaw ang hantungan
At bilang kanlungan mo
Ako ang sasagip saýo

Saan nga ba patungo,
Nakayapak at nahihiwagaan
Ang bagyo ng tadhana ay
Dinadala ako sa init ng bisig mo
Ba’t ‘di pa sabihin
Ang hindi mo maamin
Ipa-uubaya na lang ba ‘to sa hangin
huwag mong ikatakot
Ang bulong ng damdamin mo
Naririto ako at nakikinig saýo
Hooohh… hoooohh…
Hooohh… hoooohh…
Hooohh… hoooohh…

Ba’t ‘di salubungin
Ang puso ko at kunin
Ang diwang malaya
Huwag na huwag magpabaya pa
Ikaw ang pag-ibig
Pakinggan ang himig ko
Wala na sanang lalayo, mundong ito ay hihinto…

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